The Berenstain Bears' Nature Rescue - Jan Berenstain, Mike Berenstain, Stan Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears' Nature Rescue

Format: Audiobook

The Berenstain Bears' Nature Rescue

Format: Audiobook
Save the birds! Save the trees! That’s what the cubs are saying around Bear Country. If Squire Grizzly gets his way and cuts down the trees in Birder’s Woods, the yellow popinjays will have nowhere to rest. They could disappear forever. It’s up to the cubs to save this important part of nature before it’s too late!

The Berenstain Bears’ Nature Rescue features entertaining text and relatable characters. It helps kids connect plot to chapter structure and will have teachers and librarians asking for more. And as part of the beloved Living Lights series, it’s perfect for fans of the brand and a great segue to more advanced stories.
Wydawca: Zonderkidz
Data wydania: 2020-03-03
ISBN: 9780310768081

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