Amazing Animals of the Amazon - Brooke Rousseau

Amazing Animals of the Amazon

Amazing Animals of the Amazon

5 1 5 Autor: Brooke Rousseau Czyta: Darakwon
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Before Reading

What is the Amazon?

The Amazon is the world biggest rainforest. It has a high temperature and a lot of rain all year round.
Trees can grow up to 60 meters high and they form very thick jungles because of the great amount of precipitation. The leaves of the trees in the jungles are so thick that people even call them “Green Hell.” Since these trees help cleanse a large amount of the world’s fresh air, people call this place the “Lungs of the Earth.” Thanks to this environment, over half of the known animals and plant species in the world live in the Amazon. What kinds of amazing animals live in the Amazon? Are they happy in the Amazon? Let’s find out.


In the book, you will meet Mariana who visited the Amazon during her vacation with her parents whose jobs are animal researchers. You will read about Mariana’s feelings and thoughts while she learns about some of the amazing animals in the Amazon.
Mariana followed her parents and her parents’ friends and found great pleasure in watching the fun and marvellous animals. She got excited about learning about these animals for the first time. But soon, she became sad after she realized that these animals were endangered. What animals did she learn about? Why are they endangered?
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Dla dzieci Seria: Smart Readers - Wise & Wide 5: 1 Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Darakwon
Data wydania: 2018-02-01
Czas trwania: 45M
ISBN: 9788927761990

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