Animals in Action - Sarah J. Dodd

Animals in Action

Animals in Action

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Before Reading

When you feed or bathe your pets while raising them, you might feel that animals need humans and get humans’ help all the time. But that isn’t true. Humans and animals have helped each other since ancient times. It was animals that played a big role when humans began farming and needed heavy things to be carried. In addition, in all countries of the world, there have been many stories about animals that fight against enemies attacking their masters or help their masters who have collapsed. Besides, there are a good number of animals that play a big role helping humans with various kinds of work. Therefore, it is not too much to say that humans and animals make history together.


There are some amazing cases in which animals saved humans such as a puppy that fought against a snake when the snake attacked a baby, a pig that brought a person to help by lying on the highway when its master collapsed with a heart attack, a dolphin that saved a diver who got a leg cramp, etc.
Especially, dogs provide various kinds of help to humans. They are guiding eyes for the blind and guiding ears for the deaf. In addition, pet dogs are best friends with autistic children or lonely people who have trouble making friends. Furthermore, their amazing sense of smell can notice what particular disease a person has and can also be used for catching criminals and detecting explosives.
Apart from dogs, African pouched rats are used for finding mines, and narwhals help us measure the temperature of the deep sea.
Shall we look closely into animals’ remarkable activities?
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Wydawca: Darakwon
Data wydania: 2018-02-01
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ISBN: 9788927762157

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