Way Of The Warrior: The Philosophy Of Law Enforcement - Bernard Schaffer

Way Of The Warrior: The Philosophy Of Law Enforcement

Way Of The Warrior: The Philosophy Of Law Enforcement

0.0 0 5 Autor: Bernard Schaffer Czyta: James Patrick Cronin
THE TRUE BLUE LINE IS NOT THIN Now Mandatory Reading in Police Academies, FTO Programs, and Universities! The NUMBER ONE Law Enforcement Philosophy Series. Written by Full-Time Police Detective, and Author Bernard Schaffer, whose new hardback novel THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT will be available from Kensington Publications in bookstores everywhere. Whether you're a hard luck grunt working the street or a white shirt administrator who'd need a GPS to find it, Way of the Warrior is for you. Equal parts biography and instructional guide, Way of the Warrior focuses on the core of the individual officer: the warrior spirit. It discusses how to successfully uphold the law and not lose your mind in the process. Contains Must-Read Information On What it Means to Protect and Serve Training and Equipment The Eight Golden Rules of Criminal Investigation The Unsolvable Problem of Police Work Police Suicide The Culture of Law Enforcement Organizations And Much More! This is a must listen for anyone in law enforcement, but will also delight listeners who are fans of thrillers, mysteries, and true crime.
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Wydawca: Authors Republic
Data wydania: 2017-10-27
Czas trwania: 5H 35M
ISBN: 9781518974267

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