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Tales of the Texas Rangers, Vol. 3

Tales of the Texas Rangers, Vol. 3

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In Texas, more than 260,000 square miles and fifty men make up the oldest and most famous law enforcement body in North America—the Texas Rangers!

Like its predecessor Dragnet, Tales of the Texas Rangers adapted actual police case files for its broadcasts. Leading each week’s investigation of an actual Texas Ranger case was the same Texas Ranger, Jayce Pearson, portrayed by movie star Joel McCrea. Because the stories were set in the present day, Pearson used the latest scientific techniques to identify criminals. Unlike Joe Friday, Pearson didn’t have a regular partner, typically working with the local sheriff instead (who was usually portrayed by Parley Baer). Working environments would range from big cities to isolated wilderness areas that could only be reached on horseback. Produced and Directed by Stacy Keach Sr., Tales of the Texas Rangers ran from 1950 to 1952 and featured radio’s top supporting actors. Its popularity spawned a 1955 Saturday morning television series starring Willard Parker and Harry Lauter, broadcast on CBS until 1958. Enjoy sixteen thrilling episodes!

7/15/50 - “The White Elephant”
8/12/50 - “Quick Silver”
3/11/51 - “Blind Trust”
5/6/51 - “No Loving Witness”
9/30/51 - “Death Shaft”
10/7/51 - “Wheelchair Killing”
2/24/52 - “Bright Boy”
4/20/52 - “Illusion”
4/27/52 - “Address Unknown”
5/11/52 - “Unleashed Fury”
5/18/52 - “Smart Kill”
5/25/52 - “Jail Bird”
6/8/52 - “Illegal Entry”
6/22/52 - “Knockout”
6/29/52 - “Ex-Con”
7/6/52 - “The Boomerang”
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Wydawca: Black Eye Entertainment
Data wydania: 2020-03-16
Czas trwania: 7H 51M
ISBN: 9781094134185

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