Complete Control - Anna Sky

Complete Control

Complete Control

3.75 4 5 Autor: Anna Sky
Complete Control is an erotic collection of five rather kinky tales of submission and control. A Feast for His Eyes - Anna Sky Would you be a human dessert tray at a private banquet? Lying perfectly still whilst covered in fleshy fruit, sticky honey and lashings of chocolate sauce was hard enough for one submissive, but then her Dom really turned up the heat. Training Laura Part 1 - Dee Voyse A day in the life of a young woman training as a slave to her master and mistress. The Priest - Erin Pim A good hearted young woman feels stress at her workplace, and is acting inappropriately as a result. Unhappy with her untoward actions, she feels the need to visit a male dominatrix by the name of "The Priest". "The Priest" advertises the ability to "purge you of your sins", which is exactly what she needs. Following Orders - Jess Alynn There's nothing quite like waking up to his dominant partner's specific scene request to arouse his submissive side. Knowing to expect luxurious arse-play is incentive enough, but is he ready to handle how far his limits will be pushed? Bound and blindfolded, can he take everything she gives, including her whole fist? Sometimes, as the sub in him knows, following orders is a pleasure all its own. Bindings - Teddy Radiator She's had her fun; now it's my turn. What games shall we play tonight?
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Erotyk Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Andrews UK
Data wydania: 2014-07-16
ISBN: 9781783338627

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