Queen of Domination - My Secret Life - Charlayne Grenci

Queen of Domination - My Secret Life

Queen of Domination - My Secret Life

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This memoir reads like fiction, yet it is an authentic, candid look inside an often misrepresented part of life. Queen of Domination spans the first part of Charlayne's life, as herself and as Mistress Carla, from small-town girl to world-renown expert in bondage to defendant in a high-profile legal battle. The book will attract a broad appeal worldwide because of its genre and timely emergence - given the huge success of Fifty Shades of Grey, which is now a blockbuster Hollywood movie. With erotic detail, Queen of Domination tastefully follows the story of a girl named Charlayne Grenci who was born into a privileged but troubled and tormented childhood. No one would have suspected that she would become known as Mistress Carla, the Queen of Domination and that her services would be desired by men all over the world. The spirit of Queen of Domination features a woman who found empowerment by standing up to conventional society and exploring normally bizarre and taboo areas of life.
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Data wydania: 2017-10-05
ISBN: 9781988664125

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