The Haunting of Rainier Asylum - Ambrose Ibsen

The Haunting of Rainier Asylum

The Haunting of Rainier Asylum

3,37 19 5 Autor: Ambrose Ibsen Czyta: Melissa Moran
Having explored the shadowed ruin of Beacon Hill, Sadie and August are drawn deeper into a dark and winding history. It was at the infamous Rainier Asylum that local horrors were first conjured, and compelled by a mix of duty and guilt, the librarians begin to look into the institution's sordid past.

For years, locals have reported seeing something hideous stalking about the abandoned asylum-something with large eyes and twisted limbs. When a young farmhand meets this diabolical presence face-to-face and disappears, Sadie and August decide to visit the site to search for him, certain that his disappearance is linked to their investigation.

There, they find the nighted corners of the shuttered institution are astir with many terrible apparitions. The things that walk the halls of Rainier Asylum are horrific beyond imagining, and as she descends into the depths of the forsaken building, Sadie stumbles upon something most unexpected-something that connects her to the very horrors she seeks to overcome.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Fantasy i Sci-Fi Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Tantor Audio
Data wydania: 2020-04-14
Czas trwania: 5H 54M
ISBN: 9781515946519

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