21 Ecumentical Councils that Shaped Catholic History and Beliefs - John W. O'Malley

21 Ecumentical Councils that Shaped Catholic History and Beliefs

21 Ecumentical Councils that Shaped Catholic History and Beliefs

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Internationally best-selling author, renowned professor, and the “dean of American Catholic Historians,” Fr. John O’Malley presents his masterpiece on the 21 councils that shaped history.

No other institution, except possibly the papacy, has more greatly influenced the church and the larger history of the Western world than the ecumenical council. Most of us, however, know little about it.

This course is designed to take you through the fascinating history of the ecumenical (church-wide) council, from its first appearance in Nicaea (325) through Vatican Council II (1962-1965).

This 12-part audio series explores the deep issues of faith and the sometimes curious issues of clerical behavior with which the councils dealt. Councils, which were principally (but not exclusively) assemblies of bishops, gathered in the name of Christ or the Trinity, who made decisions binding on the whole church. Those decisions were about either doctrine (what Christians believe) or about "discipline" (public behavior, especially of bishops and priests).

You'll explore how councils gave us the creeds, shaped our understanding and practice of the sacraments, and settled major controversies. To explore the councils is to explore the developments of theology and history that have given us the church as we know it today. With this course you will understand why the ecumenical council remains one of the most important institutions in Western civilization.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide.
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