Recklessly In Love With A B-More Thug 2 - Bria S.

Recklessly In Love With A B-More Thug 2

Recklessly In Love With A B-More Thug 2

4 1 5 Autor: Bria S.
The gang is back. All the questions you were wondering will be answered. Logan is in the midst of the fight of her life. She finds out her parents’ marriage is in shambles as her father becomes involved in the streets again because of Brandon’s incarceration. Her mother is put in a position that she never dreamed of being in at her age because of her father’s infidelities. Her enemy, Candi, is a lot more involved with her loved ones than she could ever imagine at this point. Once Logan realizes it, her need to knock off Candi becomes one of her main concerns.

While Dre is locked up, she tries to use it as the opportune time to move on and focus on herself, by quitting her job and starting her business. She meets a new man, Diesel, that she feels is a lot more settled in life than Deandre. The only problem is that Diesel is a cop, and his brother turns out to be the family empire’s biggest east side rivalry, Trey. Trey turns out to be Shay’s new man. Dre gets word of it from Dom and isn’t pleased.

Dre battles with trying to win back over Logan by any means. The problem is, how will he handle being able to move away from Candi and her control issues? How will he be able to get rid of Ashley claiming she is pregnant by him? He knows Logan wouldn’t want to stick around for any of that. He’s realizing that ignoring and lying his way out of situations isn’t getting him far in life.

The family’s strength and loyalty to one another are tested once again. In the midst of it all, the empire seems to be going strong, but secrets begin to be exposed, and enemies are revealed. Will Logan and Dre’s relationship last? Will Logan be able to save herself or her family first?
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Romans Seria: Recklessly In Love With A B-More Thug: 2 Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Royalty Publishing House
Data wydania: 2018-05-20
ISBN: 9781648404443

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