The Great Saints: 5 Doctors of the Church Who Shaped Christianity - Colt C. Anderson

The Great Saints: 5 Doctors of the Church Who Shaped Christianity

The Great Saints: 5 Doctors of the Church Who Shaped Christianity

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Inspiration from five of Christianity’s greatest examples of faith, learning, and wisdom.

Only 33 saints have been named “Doctor of the Church.” These special few, selected by a pope or council based on their “eminent learning” and “great sanctity,” have indelibly shaped the Catholic Church and Christian understanding.

In this captivating audio course from award-winning church historian C. Colt Anderson, you will be introduced to the lives and impacts of five great medieval doctors: Gregory the Great, Catherine of Siena, Peter Damian, Bonaventure, and Bernard of Clairvaux. Along the way you will explore one of the most consequential and interesting periods of Catholic history.

Prof. Anderson begins with the early Church, from ancient Rome to the Dark Ages, when new ideas and attempts at reformation led to internal divisions. He demonstrates that without this period of change and instability, the great medieval reformers would not have been able to bring about much-needed renewal during the Renaissance.

Focusing on ideas of purity, legality, politics, humanism, humility and pastoral care, this program will show you how a strong love for God and dedication to faith carried the Church and its followers safely through all of its transitions and tribulations.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide.
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