The New Testament 101: Catholic Audio Course - Felix Just

The New Testament 101: Catholic Audio Course

The New Testament 101: Catholic Audio Course

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Join leading Catholic New Testament teacher Fr. Felix Just, S.J. for 36 lively, erudite lectures spanning the entire New Testament.

Over 2,000 years, the New Testament has profoundly shaped the lives and faith of billions. Until now, though, covering the entire New Testament in one experience has been nearly impossible. This comprehensive course introduces you to the contents and historical contexts of all the books and letters of the New Testament. Explore each book’s perspective on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, as well as the beliefs, practices, and problems of the early Christian communities.

Unearth the key literary features and theological emphases of each writing to gain much more as you continue to explore these biblical texts on your own.

This course gives you a broad overview of the New Testament, and it is designed to inspire you to read the biblical texts more often and with greater understanding. You’ll find the detailed study guide, carefully prepared by Felix Just, a treasure to enrich your biblical experience.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection.
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Wydawca: Learn25
Data wydania: 2010-01-28
Czas trwania: 15H 30M
ISBN: 9781632512024

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