Tarzan of the Apes - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan of the Apes

Tarzan of the Apes

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"The timeless tale of acceptance and identity comes to life in this InAudio production of Tarzan of the Apes by E.R. Burroughs. Enjoy the first novel in the exhilarating Tarzan saga.

Tarzan of the Apes is the fascinating story of a family who tries to survive in the jungle after being stranded in Africa. The violence of nature causes the family’s baby to be orphaned and left to adopted by apes. The apes raise him as an ape child would be, learning to swing through the trees on vines and talk to the other inhabitants of the jungle, but Tarzan always knows that he is different. When he is an adult, his already-strange world is flipped upside down by the arrival of other humans in his jungle.

This beloved classic follows Tarzan’s life and adventures as he comes grows up in the wild and comes to terms with his humanity among the apes. This book lets readers enjoy the fascinating perspective of someone entirely on the outside of society looking in."
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Klasyka Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: InAudio
Data wydania: 2020-01-17
Czas trwania: 8H 21M
ISBN: 9781094244570

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