7 best short stories by Charlotte M. Yonge - Charlotte M. Yonge, August Nemo

7 best short stories by Charlotte M. Yonge

7 best short stories by Charlotte M. Yonge

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Charlotte M. Yonge was a best-selling author in her time. Her appeal is due to the liveliness of her portrayal of character. Her books are peopled with large Victorian families, every member distinctly drawn and presented with insight and humour. Her books helped to spread the influence of the Oxford Movement but her work has a vitality that saves it from being merely propagandist.Most of Yonge's work is out of print, but in these seven selected short stories you will have the opportunity to appreciate this Victorian jewel.The Last Fight In The ColiseumFaithful Till DeathThe Battle Of The Blackwater The Housewives Of LowenburgFathers And SonsWhat Is Better Than Slaying A Dragon Under Ivan The Terrible
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Wydawca: Tacet Books
Data wydania: 2020-05-14
ISBN: 9783968582177

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