Large Family Homeschooling Guide - HowExpert, Nickole Perry

Large Family Homeschooling Guide

Large Family Homeschooling Guide

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Large Family Homeschooling Guide is an all-inclusive guide to homeschooling and a pep talk all rolled into one. Whether you are seasoned homeschooler of many or have a large family and are considering venturing into the arena of home education you will find everything you need to know practically in this book.

Whether you are struggling to rekindle the spark you first had about homeschooling or are just overwhelmed with all the school supplies needed to educate your large family, the resources you need are found here. Encouraging, witty and practical this Large Family Homeschooling guide will lead you down the of educational philosophies all the way to finding joy and storage solutions in the chaos.

Get all the help you need in the areas of

• Encouragement in daily life

• Mindset shifts toward joyful living

• Routines that work for your family

• Incorporating rest into your daily and weekly life

• Learning to rest

• Large family challenges

• Everyday life

• Cultivating an atmosphere you actually want in your home

• Curricula

• Friendships

• Mission statements

• Storage solutions

• Feeding the masses

• Occupying toddlers

• Educating children while nursing a baby

• Educating multiple age and grade levels

About the Expert

Nickole Perry is a large family, homeschooling mother who sustains herself on God’s Word, coffee and tacos. She had 8 children in 11 calendar years and is no stranger to chaos. Her love for motherhood and home education make her as enjoyable to listen to as she is to read. She is a certified Biblical counselor who has a heart to help women find their purpose, joy and peace in the chaos of everyday life.

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Wydawca: HowExpert
Data wydania: 2020-03-18
Czas trwania: 2H 40M
ISBN: 9781647586805

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