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Ernie the Elephant Series

Ernie the Elephant Series

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Ernie the Elephant

Sometimes it can be hard to be small and get picked on, but if you look closely, there is kindness to be found around every corner.

This is the important lesson Ernie the Elephant learns one day at school.

Early readers and their parents will fall in love with Ernie as he strives to make

friends and eventually finds himself accepted by an unexpected small pal in this wonderful and exciting new children’s book.

Ernie the Elephant will not only be an immensely enjoyable reading experience for you and your child, but will also serve as a tool to help them learn about the power of kindness, friendship, and how to deal with bullying at school.

Download Ernie the Elephant as your child’s bedtime story today and prepare to smile at all the ways kindness helps us warm each other’s hearts.

Ernie the Elephant and Martin Learn to Share

Do your kids have trouble sharing? The challenge of facing a conflict with a friend can be confusing for a child. Ernie and Martin Learn to Share Martin Learn to Share teaches the value of sharing one’s hurt feelings openly and honestly. This story shows that friends need to share their feelings and their toys. The explicit illustrations in Ernie the Elephant and Martin Learn to Share present a bright and colorful approach to this difficult lesson. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way, like Martin did, that maybe we are not so nice, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay that way. Download this story for your son or daughter and read it with them. Or better yet, let them read the pictures on their own to learn a valuable lesson about friendship.

Ernie Teaches Henry Not to Brag

Are your kids good at sports?

Do your kids like to brag or tease?

This is the story of a boastful elephant that likes to tease people so much that he has chased his friends away. Nobody wants to play with him because they cannot take his constant abuse and self flattery. It is a heart warming tale of courage as Ernie takes on the bully and wins. Aimed at 2-5 year olds, the story is perfect pairing of elegant verse and colorful illustrations. This book is fun for the whole family.

Ernie the Elephant and the Teddy Bear

Are your kids afraid of the dark? Do they have favorite toys?

When Ernie the Elephant loses his favorite teddy bear, he is very distressed and begins searching the entire house, overturning tables and furniture, with no luck. How will he be able to sleep without Plum the teddy bear?

Then, with the help of Martin the Mouse, he retraces his steps more carefully around his home.

Will they be able to find Plum, or will Ernie have to face the dark tonight alone?

Ernie the Elephant and the Teddy Bear is a delightful children's story set in rhyming pattern. Your child will delight in Ernie and his family and connect with him as he searches for his beloved bear.

Listen now for the perfect bedtime story!
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