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Little Blue First Drive

Little Blue First Drive

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Little Blue’s First Drive is a story for young children to enjoy at bedtime written in rhyme. The story’s beautiful colorful illustrations are sure to thrill young readers of all ages.

Little Blue is a shiny new car and is looking forward to exploring the world on his first drive. His parents have taught him about driving and what to expect on the roads on his way to his grandma’s house, but this is his first solo trip.

Young children will identify with Little Blue as he experiences things for the first time. Parents and teachers can also employ the story featured in Little Blue’s First Drive to teach children about what it’s like to do new things, being scared sometimes, while also gaining self-confidence and learning from their experiences.

Little Blue’s First Drive is designed for bedtime reading with younger children. However, older children will also enjoy this wonderful book on their own and be thoroughly entertained with Little Blue’s adventures.
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Wydawca: PublishDrive
Data wydania: 2019-09-02
ISBN: 6610000220946

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