Karl Rahner: Theological Giant of the Twentieth Century - Harvey D. Egan

Karl Rahner: Theological Giant of the Twentieth Century

Karl Rahner: Theological Giant of the Twentieth Century

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Karl Rahner is known as the father of the Catholic Church in the 20th century.

Join Rahner’s celebrated student, acclaimed theologian, author and Boston College professor, Fr. Harvey Egan, SJ, in this exploration of Rahner’s wisdom.

A Jesuit priest, Rahner was also a philosopher, theologian, commentator on church documents, devotional writer, preacher, and retreat director. His 4,000 written works reveal a powerful vision, and the questions he raised continue to inspire theology today.

In this exceptional course, Fr. Harvey Egan draws on his personal experience with Karl Rahner, who attended Fr. Egan’s First Mass and directed his doctoral dissertation. A renowned mysticism expert with 50 years of experience teaching Rahner’s thought, Fr. Egan will help you discover his lesser-known roles as an Ignatian theologian and mystic.

Under Fr. Egan’s guidance, you will gain an overview of Rahner’s multifaceted thought and explore his role as a teacher of the sacraments, Christian life, and prayer. You’ll also encounter Rahner’s more personal side and his love for the Trinity, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the preached word. Finally, you’ll discover Rahner as an eschatological mystic. As Georgetown President Emeritus Fr. Leo J. O’Donovan writes, “Let Fr. Harvey Egan, a master not only of Fr. Rahner’s spirituality but also of spirituality itself, take you to this center of his life and theology and then on to its wonderful whole wide range.”

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