Talking About God in Today's Culture - Carla M. Streeter

Talking About God in Today's Culture

Talking About God in Today's Culture

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God is the source of all joy, hope, and peace. Now, you are invited on a powerful exploration of the mystery of God.

From the beginning of time, God has remained constant, but our understanding of the Holy has evolved. In this 12-lecture course, you will journey from the beginning of human history to our own multifaceted era. You will explore how early humans understood the Divine, and you will learn how to engage in interreligious dialogue today.

Under the guidance of renowned theology professor Sr. Carla Mae Streeter, O. P., you will gain a firm understanding of Trinitarian theology. Then, you will look at the origins of our beliefs, exploring revelation and how early humans encountered God. From there, you will look at the ways people talked about God during Jesus' time and in the early Church. You will also explore the different ways the Eastern Orthodox and Western Catholic Church use language about God.

Finally, you will explore contemporary issues of talking about God. How do you talk about God to those who are non-Christian or non-religious? Or even former Catholics who have drifted away from the Church?
Explore these questions and much more. Communicating in the language of faith will transform you and bring you closer to the Divine. Embark on this powerful journey today.
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Wydawca: Learn25
Data wydania: 2014-03-21
Czas trwania: 5H 8M
ISBN: 9781632513120

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