Writing Home: A Retreat with Sr. Ann Willits, O.P. - Ann Willits

Writing Home: A Retreat with Sr. Ann Willits, O.P.

Writing Home: A Retreat with Sr. Ann Willits, O.P.

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"If you make my Word your home, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free."

What does it mean to feel at home? Are you at home with God in your life every day? Experience the spiritual comfort of being at home with Christ through this special retreat with Sister Ann Willits, O. P.

A retreat offers us an opportunity to talk both to and about God. And if we are listening, God talks back to us. A retreat is both freeing and intentional, an event which discloses relationships with God, with one another and with oneself. This retreat will be shaped by the insight Jesus offers us in one of the translations of the Gospel text from John 8:31 regarding home, truth and the Word.

The retreat begins with a reflection guided by Sr. Willits and these questions:
- What do you mean by home?
- What makes you laugh?
- What makes you weep?

Perhaps at the end of the retreat after we have found ourselves remembering, understanding and longing to be home again, we will discover, because of God's unconditional love, we are almost home.
Sr. Willits will help you understand and more deeply appreciate the insights of grief, loneliness, gratitude, tenderness and potential, among many more. This experience will leave you feeling more in tune with your place in the world, your relationships and yourself. You can use this program to experience Dominican guidance and love anytime, anywhere.
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Wydawca: Learn25
Data wydania: 2011-03-17
Czas trwania: 4H 28M
ISBN: 9781632513250

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