Kabuliwala - Rabindranath Tagore



4,44 171 5 Autor: Rabindranath Tagore Czyta: Sumit Kaul
"My five-year-old daughter Mini couldn’t spend even one moment without talking. After her birth, she spent only one year in learning the language. And since then, she never kept quiet. Each of her wakeful moment she spent in talking. Often her mother would scold her to keep quiet. But I
could never do it. Silent Mini was a very strange sight to imagine. I could never tolerate it for a long. And that is why she continued talking to me with a lot of eagerness."

This has been translated from the famous original Bengali story called "Kabuliwala" written by Rabindranath Tagore. His fame attained a luminous height, taking him across continents on lecture tours and tours of friendship. For the world he became the voice of India’s spiritual heritage; and for India, especially for Bengal, he became a great living institution.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Klasyka Tytuł oryginalny: Kabuliwala Tłumaczenie: Riddhi Maitra

Wydawca: Storytel Original IN
Data wydania: 2020-10-09
Czas trwania: 23M

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