The Guarded Heights & The Straight Path - Charles Wadsworth Camp

The Guarded Heights & The Straight Path

The Guarded Heights & The Straight Path

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The Guarded Heights is the story of George Morton as he struggles to make it big and rise from his humble background.

The Straight Path narrates the story of Freddy as he struggles to accommodate the demands of his visiting but overbearing mother.

"George Morton never could be certain when he first conceived the preposterous idea that Sylvia Planter ought to belong to him. The full realization, at any rate, came all at once, unexpectedly, destroying his dreary outlook, urging him to fantastic heights, and, for that matter, to rather curious depths. It was, altogether, a year of violent change. After a precarious survival of a rural education he had done his best to save his father's livery business which cheap automobiles had persistently undermined. He liked that, for he had spent his vacations, all his spare hours, indeed, at the stable or on the road, so that by the time the crash came he knew more of horses and rode better than any hunting, polo-playing gentleman he had ever seen about that rich countryside." (The Guarded Heights)
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Data wydania: 2020-11-02
ISBN: 4064066392093

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