Survival: Tips, Tactics, and Tricks to Stay Alive Longer - Jordan Gunner, Dave Farrel

Survival: Tips, Tactics, and Tricks to Stay Alive Longer

Survival: Tips, Tactics, and Tricks to Stay Alive Longer

0 0 5 Autor: Jordan Gunner, Dave Farrel Czyta: Doug Greene, J.A. Lydon
There are two titles in this book, which are these:

Book 1: This book covers a range of topics that don’t seem to be related at first, but if you look closer, you’ll see the bigger picture. All of these topics are more or less connected to the idea of fending for yourself, being able to survive off the grid, or in case of a major disaster.

The first chapter focuses on something specific: Survival in the jungle. As we all know, the jungle is beautiful but also infested with bacteria, bugs, venomous and predatorial animals, and full of both toxic and edible plants. Learning what to do there can make all the difference if you were ever to make it through in such a climate.

After this, the book highlights what to do in case of a hurricane or an earthquake, two disasters that could very well happen in many people’s areas.

Book 2: Is being able to focus really that important to your happiness?

Yes, it is. And in this book, I will explain more of the reasoning behind this. You will also learn more about different methods to improve your focus, practical techniques to prioritize better and quicker, and how to avoid diversions that will keep you from making your dreams a reality.
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Wydawca: Efalon Acies
Data wydania: 2020-12-14
Czas trwania: 1H 37M
ISBN: 9781664962941

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