Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids - Karyn Tripp

Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids

Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids

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In Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids, you’ll find an amazing collection of more than 40 hands-on art activities that make learning about math fun!

Make Art + Learn Math Concepts = Become a Math Genius!
• Create
fine art-inspired projects using math • , including M. C. Escher’s tessellations, Wassily Kandinski’s abstractions, and Alexander Calder’s mobiles.
Make pixel art • using graph paper, grids, and dot grids.
• Explore
projects that teach symmetry • with mandala drawings, stained glass rose window art, and more.
• Use
equations • ,
counting • ,
addition • , and
multiplication • to create Fibonacci and golden rectangle art.
Play with geometric shapes • like spirals, hexagrams, and tetrahedrons.
• Learn about
patterns and motifs • used by
cultures from all over the world • , including Native American porcupine quill art, African Kente prints, and labyrinths from ancient Crete.
Cook up some delicious math • by making cookie tangrams, waffle fractions, and bread art.
Take a creative path to mastering math with Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids!
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Wydawca: Quarry Books
Data wydania: 2019-11-19
ISBN: 9781631597701

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