The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - William Blake

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

4,5 2 5 Autor: William Blake
Written in the form of biblical prophecy, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell presents philosophical ideas about God, humanity and the complex nature of ethics. It’s a bold yet humorous examination of binary belief systems and their conflicting principles.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is a remarkable narrative that explores common religious themes such as good versus evil. The author uses vibrant storytelling to expand on the importance of these contradictory terms. He details how competing ideals are integral to the human experience. Without them, a person may remain stagnant and never reach their full potential. Progress cannot occur without the tension stemming from love and hate, reason and energy, or attraction and repulsion.

William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell uses stunning visuals and metaphors to discuss the nuances of man. His unique perspective highlights fundamental differences that embody the human condition. Within the text, Blake investigates the greatness the is often found in struggle.

With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is both modern and readable.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Poezja i dramaty Seria: Mint Editions: 1 Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Mint Editions
Data wydania: 2021-01-05
ISBN: 9781513274331

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