Leading Exponential Change (2nd edition) - Erich R. Bühler

Leading Exponential Change (2nd edition)

Leading Exponential Change (2nd edition)

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Leading Exponential Change (Second Edition, MAY 2019) unveils the secrets of enterprise Agility.

The way companies manage change has undergone dramatic shifts, and organizations have tried to adapt to relentless market innovations by using artificial intelligence, Big Data, the Scrum Framework, increasingly connected people, and new mind-sets such as Agile or Lean. But all these approaches have only established disruptive change as a new, relentless reality.

World-renowned consultant Erich R. Bühler shares the secrets that differentiate truly remarkable companies from those that fail to adapt to today’s constantly changing market conditions.

Drawing on his experience as an international change consultant, the author takes you deep into why companies struggle to adapt even when they have the right people.

This ground-breaking book offers new foundations to help company leaders, managers, Agile consultants, HR representatives, mentors, and scrum masters become skilled at helping others to influence change.

Here listeners find five types of Agility -including mental Agility and how to increase it!. He also explains two game-changing frameworks for increasing adaptability to change: The ELSA framework, ideal for environments where people welcome change, and DeLTA, which helps manage change in companies with hostile work environments.

Between the first and second editions, he traveled around the world interviewing change consultants from different countries and cultures to verify which of his techniques had a positive impact and which ones needed to be improved.

Bolstered by this new data, the second edition is packed with new paradigms, practices, ready-to-use tools, and real-life stories from the author and other industry-revered consultants specializing in innovation, human resources, and coaching.
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Wydawca: Innova1st Publishing
Data wydania: 2020-12-09
Czas trwania: 8H 10M
ISBN: 9781664977563

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