The Plug Next Door 2: Summer's Story - Sol Sol

The Plug Next Door 2: Summer's Story

The Plug Next Door 2: Summer's Story

4 1 5 Autor: Sol Sol Czyta: Rakeem Minajj, London Sapphire
Part two of The Plug Next Door reveals all the secrets that you've all been waiting for. God has a lot to lose after keeping his wife a secret from Reese all this time. He's in love with the beautiful, charismatic, highly educated doctor but once his skeletons jump out of the closet, he might just lose her forever. However, he's not willing to let her go so easily. But with someone out to destroy him and his empire, he might have no other choice but to surrender his love. Unbeknownst to Nas, he's in the middle of it all.
The key to figuring out who's on a mission to take out the Taliban Gang is with him. From the moment he stepped foot onto New York soil, a domino effect of murders, lies, and deceit began. He finds out who his brothers are, but things only get worse from there. He also manages to get Vasii, the girl of his dreams, but what happens when he finds out she's the sister of an old fling? Will he be able to keep her? In the middle of the hailstorm, Young is determined to steal Alexa's heart.
He's successful in making her fall in love, but there's just one issue … he isn't like most men. When he loves, he loves hard. Young honestly can't help his possessive ways, given the circumstances, but Alexa may not be ready for it. Then again, she's just as crazy about him as he is her. They're both keeping secrets in the meantime … secrets that could get somebody hurt. Who are the DeLeneau Brothers, really? And are the women they're in love with who they claim to be? Everyone will be shocked to realize they've been dating so close to home. But more importantly, love can blind you from snakes. Who's going to mow the grass and reveal all? Find out in The Plug Next Door 2 …
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Powieść obyczajowa Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Recorded Books, Inc.
Data wydania: 2020-11-24
Czas trwania: 6H 51M
ISBN: 9781705004555

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