The Fenix Projects - Katie Soy

The Fenix Projects

The Fenix Projects

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A Seattle detective begins investigating the murder of a sex trafficking survivor in the care of a local nonprofit organization. He unknowingly launches a series of events that reveal founder and CEO Elizabeth Knight and her team are not who they say they are.

A respected advocate and lecturer on human rights issues in her community, Elizabeth is forced to face a past once carefully erased after crafting a future much more fitting to her wealthy family’s legacy.

Following an electrifying career that allowed her to watch red tape, politics, and money enable oppression and corruption around the world, she decided to leave her NYC home for a fresh start on the Pacific Northwest coast. Tragedy strikes five years after beginning her non-profit work, and she’s forced to stay one step ahead of the Seattle Police Department in a deadly game that threatens her identity, and the lives of those closest to her.

Based on true events, The Fenix Projects follows the journey of a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing care to sex trafficking survivors. Elizabeth has a small team dedicated to providing support, education and awareness for survivors through housing, medical care, scholarships and counseling.

Set against the Seattle skyline, The Fenix Projects is an action packed thriller exposing the dark side of human trafficking in the Pacific Northwest in a high-stakes battle for modern vigilante justice.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Thriller Seria: Book 1: 3 Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press
Data wydania: 2017-04-02
ISBN: 9781946697141

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