The Ultimate Guide To Executing Strategies, Plans & Tactics: Practicing the Art of Execution - Aiden Sisko

The Ultimate Guide To Executing Strategies, Plans & Tactics: Practicing the Art of Execution

The Ultimate Guide To Executing Strategies, Plans & Tactics: Practicing the Art of Execution

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Corporate executives can meet for days putting together a strategy that is not only brilliant in concept, but complete in design. A company can have this plan in the palm of their hands, knowing success is imminent if it is properly applied. The problem occurs when this type of plan is executed in a manner that is far less from complete, systematic, or desirable. The opposite can be true as well: Even with the very best team assembled and prepared to begin taking the planned steps toward the goal, if the strategy is lacking, the company and its stakeholders are going to suffer in one way or another.

The solution is simple: By getting your organization’s departments, their routines, and their schedules to coincide with an excellent plan of attack, and if you prioritize the tasks before you properly and with wisdom, you will be able to take successful steps that lead to the end result you and your team are seeking for your organization.


Future Plans & Strategies
What is your mission & what do you do?
Clarify why the company exists.
Set firm guidelines for conduct.
Community Service
Re-align your Surroundings
Strengthen your Consumer Brand
Re-assess the Process used for Hiring
Your Brand and its Benefits
Storylines & Narratives
Corporate Integrity & Values
Be Creative
Long-Term Goals
Teams for Focus
Collaborative Culture
Culture of Competence
Control Culture
Culture of Cultivating
Leaders prepared to make changes if needed.
Real leaders who live what they preach.
Workers who recognize the need to restructure the current culture are vital.
All focus is on the prize.
Delegation of Decision Making
The Competent Structure
The Collaborative Structure
The Cultivated Structure
The Control Structure
How will consumers know we are on the right road?
What is our desired end result?
What do we expect to produce?
Does our strategy fit our goals?
What indicators are ahead in the game?
Do we have a specific route mapped for our strategy?
Implement Score Cards
Meet to Set Goals
Offer Incentives
Execution of Strategy
Keep an Eye out for Flubs
Be Ready to Renovate your Portfolio Regularly
Decide on and Direct Resources with Thought and Wisdom
Have a Plan in Place for Project Back-Up
Choose the Project that will Contribute to Company Growth
Set a Proper Order of Business
Make Needed Items Available
Assess Projects
Portfolio Management
Assess your own Portfolio Management Skills
Resource Creation
Provide an Open Road for Fast Response
Make Things Easy
Keep your Eyes on the Prize
Deadline Based
Pooled Together
In Sequence
Project Moves too Fast
Resource Hogging
Develop Leadership
Create Solid Management Processes
Office for Program Management
System Improvement
Add-on Ideas
New Team Members
Changing Competition
The Project Provides Output
Computer and other systems
Processes and methods used
Software and Hardware
The Project Consists of Outcomes
Easier usage
Higher production
Faster response
Increased performance
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