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“Carl Hiaasen, meet Hannibal Lecter” in this comedy about a vengeful Hawaiian chef, his greedy rivals, and some very bad table manners (Kirkus Reviews).

Joseph Tanumafili’s family-owned food-service business in Honolulu has been the only game in town for years. But when competing caterers from Las Vegas arrive to accommodate the cast and crew of a film shoot, the battle for paradise begins. As far as Joseph and his hotheaded Samoan uncle are concerned, no mainlanders are going to muscle in on native territory.

Lines are drawn and everyone’s taking a side: a gay TV producer on romantic rebound; his androgynous New Age–y assistant; a horny stroke survivor in a state of perpetual, chemically induced arousal; an aspiring missionary; a dimwitted bodybuilder; and a sweet-natured pimp. But when the Sin City boys decide to enlist the services of an ecstasy-popping ex-Marine hit man, Joseph hits back. And for such a resourceful chef, the revenge is going to be absolutely delicious.

Mark Haskell Smith offers a guide to Hawaii that definitely hasn’t been endorsed by the tourist bureau, nor is it “for those with weak stomachs, prudish minds or delicate ears, but that leaves the rest of us to savor the novel’s many twisted charms” (Baltimore Sun).

“Think Elmore Leonard meets Mario Batali. ” —Richard Rayner, Los Angeles Times

“Perverse black humor and sensuality, totally unexpected situations … simply breathtaking. ” —Liz Smith, New York Post
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Kryminał Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Grove Press
Data wydania: 2018-04-01
ISBN: 9781555847395

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