Cakes: Regional & Traditional - Julie Duff

Cakes: Regional & Traditional

Cakes: Regional & Traditional

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A collection of more than 200 recipes for traditional, historical, and regional cakes from the British Isles, by the author of Cakes from Around the World.

Julie Duff runs an award-winning cake business, which supplies wonderful rich succulent fruit cakes and other traditional cakes to some of the Britain’s premier shops, such as Fortnum & Mason. Her most treasured collection of recipes, some of them from generations of her own family, which was first published to huge critical acclaim in 2003, has now been revised and updated. This remains one of the most comprehensive collections of cake recipes published in one mammoth volume.

Duff says in her introduction “my passion for cakes can be wholeheartedly blamed on my grandmother who spent many hours letting me mix fruit cakes at the kitchen table. It was inevitable that one day I would derive pleasure from baking cakes.”

Praise for Cakes Regional & Traditional

“Rarely has a book gone from doormat to kitchen with such speed.” —Nigel Slater, Observer (UK)

“A delightful book packed with more than 200 recipes for classic British cakes.” —Tom Parker Bowles, Mail on Sunday (UK)
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Wydawca: Grub Street Cookery
Data wydania: 2021-02-12
ISBN: 9781910690734

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