Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was a general and stateman whose favor among the Roman people was viewed as a threat and source of conflict with other consuls. He was eventually targeted by a group of conspirators who sought to neutralize his power and influence.

After defeating his longtime enemy, Pompey, Caesar is celebrated upon his return home. Roman citizens are enamored by the general, while politicians are concerned with his growing accomplishments. They fear Caesar will become driven by ambition, coveting a position as the king of Rome. A group of conspirators, including the reluctant Brutus, create a plot to assassinate Caesar, effectively ending his rise to power. The action sparks civil unrest, leading to the discovery of the participants true motivations.

William Shakespeare’s interpretation of Julius Caesar’s story is arguably the most famous version. It’s been adapted across various mediums including film and television. The story is ripe with deception and betrayal but also guilt and retribution.

With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Julius Caesar is both modern and readable.
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Wydawca: Mint Editions
Data wydania: 2021-02-23
ISBN: 9781513276779

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