Memory Palace - Adam Brown

Memory Palace

Memory Palace

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Learn how you can enhance your brain to take in more information and store them for a very long time and how to retrieve information at any time, no matter how long it has been stored

As you know, forgetting things can be really frustrating and embarrassing. Imagine forgetting the birthday of your loved ones or your own wedding anniversary. What would happen if you forgot that your kid has a sports game or a play at school and you already promised to attend? Your kid would not be happy with you.

No matter how much stored information you are unable to retrieve, this book is sure to change all your frustrations and change your life forever. Imagine being able to remember anything you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. Imagine the ability to keep the memories you don’t wish to remember, perhaps because they are too embarrassing, traumatic or depressing and the ability to easily retrieve the happy events that have been stored in your memory.

This book is a sure bet to do all that!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…

Knowing How Your Brain Works

Short Term Memory

Long Term Memory

Researches And Findings About The Memory

Why Do We Forget Things?


Fighting Forgetfulness

Remember Everything And Anything

The Unlimited Potential Of The Brain

And basically everything about the strategies needed to boost your memory and remember all the things you wish to remember anytime and anywhere
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Wydawca: Zen Mastery
Data wydania: 2018-12-29
ISBN: 6610000139095

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