The Dream Horse Mysteries Boxed Set - Candace Carrabus

The Dream Horse Mysteries Boxed Set

The Dream Horse Mysteries Boxed Set

4 1 5 Autor: Candace Carrabus Czyta: Melissa Moran
Awarded the 2020 "IPPY" Silver Medal for Series by Independent Publisher!

Jump in the saddle for a fun but bumpy ride!

Few will hire competitive rider, Viola Parker, since the famous jumper, Wastrel, crashed to his death with her aboard. Not only that, her attitude just landed her out of work…again. She can barely afford her whipped-cream-in-a-can addiction.

Now, before she's thirty, she must keep a job for one year and receive a glowing letter of recommendation to get a surprise trust fund set up by her absentee parents. A trust fund that could represent freedom and independence—or might be worth nothing.

Vi accepts a farm manager position and moves from Long Island to Missouri thinking that if she only follows her three new rules then keeping a job for one year will be easy:

1. No smarting off
2. No drinking
3. No sleeping with the boss,

The last of which proves to be a real challenge when she meets the man who hired her. He's working the surfer good looks, a super-hero jaw, and wearing a kilt.

But when Wastrel begins haunting her dreams and dead bodies start piling up, the question isn’t whether she can earn a reference from her hunky boss, Malcolm, but whether she’ll live long enough to get it.

This set includes the complete Dream Horse Mysteries:

• Cold Backed, a Dream Horse Mystery prequel
• On the Buckle, Dream Horse Mystery #1
• Run Out, Dream Horse Mystery #2
• Wrong Lead, Dream Horse Mystery #3
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Kryminał Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Witting Woman Works
Data wydania: 2020-11-11
Czas trwania: 26H 10M
ISBN: 9780999362273

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