Mermaids On Mars - Nancy Guettier

Mermaids On Mars

Mermaids On Mars

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A captivating, eco-conscious story about water-wasting mermaids—and the basis for the award-winning, stop-motion animated short film.

Mermaids on Mars is a sweet tale that educates children on the importance of water conservation. Beautifully illustrated, it includes simple water-saving tips that our Martian mermaid friends want to share with kids all over the world—after ignoring them on their own home planet and learning a most important lesson. Their story and their wisdom will help everyone save Earth’s most precious resource.

“A whimsical story about mermaids—when they lived on Mars. Mermaids thrived in Mars’ crater pools and used up all of the water resources, splashing around. Thanks to a very cool rocket ship, the mermaids traveled to Earth and settled in our oceans. Mermaids also helps children learn the importance of water conservation. ” —MySocialGoodNews. com

“Author Nancy Guettier teaches a valuable lesson to children to cherish the resources around them and to use and consume wisely. It’s a perfect lesson for the modern child. Illustrator Tina Cash-Walsh draws beautifully and will captivate the reader. ” —TheBabySpot. ca

“This book helps explain that we don’t need to excessively waste water when going potty or when brushing our teeth … We love the bright colors and whimsical illustrations in this book. ” —The Naptime Reviewer

“I applaud Nancy Guettier for writing books that have an educational bent to them. Any book that teaches conservation to kids definitely has a leg up on the competition in my mind. Mermaids on Mars is definitely a solid kids book with a good lesson behind it. ” —Sci-Fi & Scary
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Dla dzieci Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Morgan James Kids
Data wydania: 2019-09-10
ISBN: 9781614486411

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