The Book of Esports - William Collis

The Book of Esports

The Book of Esports

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The definitive guide to the modern world of competitive gaming and the official history of Esports™.

Almost overnight, esports—or competitive video games—have exploded into the largest entertainment and sporting phenomenon in human history.

The Book of Esports answers:

• What exactly are esports, and how did they become so popular so quickly?

• Why did blockbuster video games like League of Legends, Fortnite and Starcraft succeed?

• Where exactly is all this video gaming headed?

• What do gamers and college students need to know to position themselves for success in the industry?

• How do you create a billion-dollar esports business? What strategic choices drive success in the modern gaming industry?

• Can video games really get your kid into college? (All expenses paid, of course… )

Whether you are a lifelong gamer, a curious Fortnite parent, or a businessperson seeking to understand the marketing opportunities of this multibillion-dollar phenomenon, The Book of Esports charts the rise of this exciting new industry, for the first time ever crafting a comprehensive overview of esports and its implications for human competition—and even the future of humanity itself.

Gaming luminary and Harvard MBA William Collis has painstakingly translated esports’ mysteries into a detailed and accessible testament for today. Featuring select interviews from the biggest names in the industry, The Book of Esportsweaves tales of trust, betrayal, and superhuman reflexes into predictive frameworks, explaining exactly why our industry looks the way it does, and how all this growth—and more—is inevitable as the divide between man and machine blurs into oblivion.
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Wydawca: RosettaBooks
Data wydania: 2020-10-01
ISBN: 9781948122580

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