Star Eater - Kerstin Hall

Star Eater

Star Eater

3,6 5 5 Autor: Kerstin Hall Czyta: Samara Naeymi
From Nommo Award finalist Kerstin Hall comes a debut novel that is “an utterly compelling fantasy” (A. K. Larkwood, author of The Unspoken Name). ALL MARTYRDOMS ARE DIFFICULT. Elfreda Raughn will avoid pregnancy if it kills her, and one way or another, it will kill her. Though she’s able to stomach her gruesome day-to-day duties, the reality of preserving the Sisterhood of Aytrium’s magical bloodline horrifies her. For a brutal price, the matriarchal Order keeps their city afloat above a haunted continent full of monsters. She wants out, whatever the cost. So when a shadowy faction approaches Elfreda with an offer of escape, she leaps at the opportunity. As their spy, she gains access to the highest reaches of the Sisterhood and enters a glittering world of opulent parties, subtle deceptions, and unexpected bloodshed. A phantasmagorical indictment of hereditary power, Star Eater takes readers deep into a perilous and uncanny world where even the most powerful women are forced to choose what sacrifices they will make, so that they might have any choice at all.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Fantasy i Sci-Fi Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Recorded Books, Inc.
Data wydania: 2021-06-22
Czas trwania: 15H 14M
ISBN: 9781705027950

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