Getting Dirty - Christa Biyela

Getting Dirty

Getting Dirty

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The majority of parents struggle to talk to their children about sex. Could it be ignorance of guilt of one's freaky sexual ways? We get comfortable in sexual relationships while we lack answers for simple questions. Is masturbation, oral or anal sex safe? What is your HIV status? Christa Biyela says we can prevent the spread of HIV, protect our partners and children through honest conversations. It all starts with you: • Know your body, and buttons that open your doors of ecstasy • Talk to your partner about your sexual needs, safe sex and HIV • You are living with HIV, so what? Live your life to the fullest! 'Funny, truthful and thought-provoking stories we all need to hear. You feel Christa's mind, heart and soul and are reminded, as I usually say, to 'live, love and laugh.'' Celeste Ntuli: actress and comedienne 'Precious words of wisdom and advice may save a life; hopefully more than one...' Clinton Marius: director and playwright 'Honest. Intimate. Educational. What a wonderful dynamic way to educate about sex and the HIV virus.' Nomfundo Mkhize: radio announcer and Host of Teenzone on Ukhozi FM
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Data wydania: 2014-04-24
ISBN: 9781920609658

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