The Mangle Street Murders - M.R.C. Kasasian

The Mangle Street Murders

The Mangle Street Murders

4.0 70 5 Autor: M.R.C. Kasasian Czyta: Emma Gregory
Fresh, funny crime series for fans of Jasper Fforde and M.C. Beaton. 'Delightful and original ... A series that could well become a cult' DAILY MAIL. 125 Gower Street, 1882. Queen Victoria may sit on the throne and Robert Peel's bobbies walk the street, but London is still haunted by the spectre of Spring-heeled Jack. The demons of vice and poverty rule the capital: ruffian gangs, pickpockets, prostitutes and vagrants clog the streets with their iniquity. But in one particular Gower Street residence – home to the famous personal investigator Sidney Grice – order presides. Until, that is, the arrival of his ward March Middleton and the vicious Whitechapel murder that follows hard on her heels... Set between the refined buildings of Victorian Bloomsbury and the stinking streets of London's East End, The Mangle Street Murders is for those who like their crime original, atmospheric, and very, very funny. Praise for THE MANGLE STREET MURDERS: 'Funny, fresh and sharply plotted ... Starring a detective duo to rival Holmes and Watson' GOODREADS. 'Kasasian's sparkling debut introduces a memorable new detective duo' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. 'Grice and Middleton promise to become a positive treat' DAILY MAIL. Read the whole series: THE MANGLE STREET MURDERS THE CURSE OF THE HOUSE OF FOSKETT DEATH DESCENDS ON SATURN VILLA THE SECRETS OF GASLIGHT LANE DARK DAWN OVER STEEP HOUSE.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Kryminał Seria: Gower Street Detective Series: 1 Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Lamplight Audiobooks
Data wydania: 2014-05-01
Czas trwania: 7H 35M
ISBN: 9781471262722

Wydawca: Head of Zeus
Data wydania: 2013-11-01
ISBN: 9781781851876

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