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IT Change Management

IT Change Management

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Many organizations understand the need for an ITSM based Change Management program, but struggle with where to begin. A rigid, process-focused approach is slow and bureaucratic, but on the other hand, informal Change Management leaves the business exposed to unnecessary risk and impact. Greg’s experience is if you start too simple, it doesn't achieve the business value, and actually becomes a bureaucratic obstacle. On the other hand, if you aim to implement a mature Change Management process, it takes too long to implement, and is too much of a shift for many organizations, especially in the absence of a comprehensive Service Management program. This title bridges the gap between formal ITIL training, and the realities ITSM practitioners face when they begin implementing best practices. It provides practical guidance particularly for those starting out in ITSM and is consistent with the relevant frameworks. The content is based on a ‘best practice approach’ to achieve the value of IT Change Management. It focuses on the capability and outcomes and NOT the specific approach or process framework. In the real world, practitioners work with multiple best practice frameworks and how to use continual service improvement is key for success in ITSM.
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Wydawca: TSO
Data wydania: 2017-09-21
ISBN: 9780117083691

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