Too Narrow to Swing a Cat - Steve Haywood

Too Narrow to Swing a Cat

Too Narrow to Swing a Cat

0.0 0 5 Autor: Steve Haywood
She was particularly taken with the small narrow ledges that ran along either side of the boat. For a cat, four inches is an airport runway – she could dance a Moonwalk along them on her two hind legs, juggling at the same time.' Casting aside the road maps that show the country as a web of interlocking motorways, Steve escapes to a different England on his narrowboat and cruises slowly through a landscape unchanged for centuries, visiting picturesque towns and canal festivals. But the new member of his crew, Kit, is an untidy bundle of fur with all the attitude you would expect from a ‘sarf Lunnun’ cat, and determined to keep him on his toes.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Literatura Faktu Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Summersdale Publishers Ltd
Data wydania: 2011-05-09
ISBN: 9780857652843

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