Blondie: Parallel Lives - Dick Porter,Kris Needs

Blondie: Parallel Lives

Blondie: Parallel Lives

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Parallel Lives is the definitive biography of Blondie, the iconic New York band led by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. One of the most iconic groups of their generation, Blondie experienced an unparalleled rise to global superstardom during the late 1970s, topping charts and breaking moulds. This Omnibus Enhanced edition includes a Digital Timeline of Blondie's career packed with audio, video and images of tour nights, memorabilia, music videos and interviews. Additionally, throughout the book are links to curated playlists allowing you to hear Blondie's finest gems, their early influences and more. Beginning with their childhoods, backgrounds and influences, Parallel Lives charts the development of Blondie towards their global success and fractured break-up; followed by their 1997 reformation, critical renaissance and controversial induction into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Drawing upon extensive and revealing interviews with Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and other significant players, the Omnibus Enhanced Blondie: Parallel Lives is the definitive, eye-witness account of the group’s long and tumultuous existence. Co-author Kris Needs had established a friendship with Harry, Stein and the rest of the band that endures to this day. Now, as a trusted confidante, he finally reveals the full story.
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Wydawca: Music Sales
Data wydania: 2017-02-13
ISBN: 9780857127808

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