Sniffin' Glue... And Other Rock 'n' Roll Habits - Mark Perry,Danny Baker

Sniffin' Glue... And Other Rock 'n' Roll Habits

Sniffin' Glue... And Other Rock 'n' Roll Habits

0.0 0 5 Autor: Mark Perry,Danny Baker
“1977 is the Queen's jubilee year, well let's make it our year as well. Let's get out and do something. Chuck away the f•••••g stupid safety-pins, think about people's ideas instead of their clothes. This "scene" is not just a thing to do in the evening. It's the only thing around that's honest...” Omnibus Press presents the definitive collection of Sniffin' Glue… And Other Rock ‘n’ Roll Habits, the most vital and cutting edge punk fanzine of its time. This book features both a digital recreation of every issue and all the original prints in their entirety. Danny Baker, who wrote for the original fanzine over four decades ago, provides a full-length interview on its impact. During its brief existence Sniffin' Glue… chronicled the birth, rise and demise of punk rock in the UK. Starting with a print run of a mere 50 copies, by Issue 3 the circulation was into the thousands. Interviews and reviews of all the key punk artists - The Damned, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Generation X, Chelsea, Blondie, The Jam, Iggy Pop and more - alongside news, editorials and gig reviews depict the grassroots punk scene from the inside. Its authentic voice made it a cult classic of its time and a much sought-after historical artefact to this day. On the 40th anniversary of the magazine’s final publication, Omnibus Press are providing the definitive edition of Sniffin Glue…. This is the best possible way to experience the counter-cultural revolution of the ‘70s that spread anarchy throughout the UK.
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Wydawca: Music Sales
Data wydania: 2017-08-01
ISBN: 9780857125903

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