Come Together: Lennon and McCartney in the Seventies - Richard White

Come Together: Lennon and McCartney in the Seventies

Come Together: Lennon and McCartney in the Seventies

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Beatles fans know the '70s as a bitter time for Lennon and McCartney. Prolific and public animosity demolished any hopes of reconciliation between the two, and the most influential band in the history of recorded music would simply cease to be. However, most fans don't know that McCartney and Lennon nearly did renew their creative alliance in the aftermath of the Beatles’ breakup, and were close to putting aside their differences and reuniting. The Omnibus Enhanced digital edition of Come Together is a compelling account of a crucial period in post-'60s Beatles history, providing a new look at the Lennon-McCartney relationship and emphasizing the efforts these titans made to overcome their enmity. It also offers fresh insight on the musical ambitions and personal motivations for renewing a creative alliance, and how ultimately it was thwarted by circumstances beyond their control. This is an Omnibus Enhanced digital edition featuring an interactive Digital Timeline of the decade, from The Beatles’ split to the death of John Lennon, adorned with music, video and imagery of live performances, television interviews and memorabilia. Additionally, links to Spotify playlists allow you to examine the divergent work both took within the Beatles, and the merits of their solo careers.
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Wydawca: Music Sales
Data wydania: 2016-06-30
ISBN: 9781783238590

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