The New Parents' Survival Guide - Wendy Green

The New Parents' Survival Guide

The New Parents' Survival Guide

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No matter how much you long for and plan for a baby, no one is quite prepared for the impact their new arrival has on their life. Babies have a habit of not behaving the way the textbooks say they should; this book tells you what you can REALLY expect in the first three months. The New Parents’ Survival Guide is packed with practical advice and bite-sized tips on how to deal with common problems you are likely to encounter, including how to:

• Care for your newborn

• Solve the breast versus bottle dilemma

• Overcome breastfeeding woes

• Calm your crying baby

• Solve sleep issues

• Manage minor ailments

• Take good care of yourself
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Wydawca: Vie
Data wydania: 2015-03-12
ISBN: 9781783725656

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