Gentlemen Prefer Black - A Sexy Bundle of 4 Interracial BWWM Short Stories from Steam Books - Shanika Patrice,Stacey Allure,Dana Burns

Gentlemen Prefer Black - A Sexy Bundle of 4 Interracial BWWM Short Stories from Steam Books

Gentlemen Prefer Black - A Sexy Bundle of 4 Interracial BWWM Short Stories from Steam Books

3.0 5 5 Autor: Shanika Patrice,Stacey Allure,Dana Burns
Behold 4 tales starring women that are dark and lovely… and the men who admire them. Stacey Allure, Dana Burns, Shanika Patrice and Marcus Williams contribute to a compilation of romance, lust, drama, and excitement This bundle includes (also available separately): DON'T KILL MY VIBE by Stacey Allure Playing basketball at the gym on her day off, Nia never thought she'd meet someone like Rick: a handsome white guy that treats her like a friend and not a piece of meat. But Nia has even less of an idea what the night has in store for her than she thought, and when she arrives home the night is just beginning. OLYMPIC LOVE by Dana Burns Matthew and Yvonne have a lot in common: they were good friends in college, they're both natural athletes and are both trying out for the upcoming Olympic games… and they both harbor long-held feelings for each other. However, Matthew's got a woman in his life, and he and Yvonne's promising careers might mean they never reveal how they truly feel. FIRST COMES LUST, THEN COMES... by Shanika Patrice Reese and Thomas's whirlwind affair leads to the birth of Mia, their daughter. Unfortunately, Thomas got cold feet during the pregnancy, and Reese has to deal with the prospect of raising Mia alone. Shortly after Mia's birth, however, Thomas comes knocking again. Will she take him back? Does Thomas even want to get back with Reese? Will he at least help raise Mia? HIS TRUE COLORS by Marcus Williams Coming from a struggling background, Shantelle volunteers at a care home to help those in need, and resents Connor, the rich and famous businessman who visits the place, thinking he's in it only for the good publicity. But she gets to see a different side of Connor, and when she becomes intimately acquainted with him and sees his true colors, inside and out, complications arise between her growing public notoriety and the resentful eyes of her family... WARNING: These four stories add up to 20,714 steamy words that feature explicit scenes of passionate lovemaking and may be too much for some readers to handle!
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Erotyk Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Steam Books
Data wydania: 2014-07-21
ISBN: 9781634571142

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