Necklace of Shame - Carol Lynne

Necklace of Shame

Necklace of Shame

4.176470588235294 17 5 Autor: Carol Lynne
As the past returns with a vengeance, can three survive better than one? On the worst night of her life, Bel fell in love. Now ten years later, the threat to her safety is back as well as the policeman who held her so long ago. Brody quit his job with the police force after that horrible night. He’s spent the last ten years building his business and trying to keep away from the only woman he’s ever loved. With her attacker on the loose once more, Brody enlists the help of his best friend and lover to keep Bel safe. Sheriff Callum McCloud has been in love with Brody for years and he’s dreamed of a life with Brody by his side. As he gets to know Bel, the chance arises for him to have Brody and her. But is it too much to wish for?
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Erotyk Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Pride Publishing
Data wydania: 2017-10-10
ISBN: 9781786516299

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