What Causes Human Behavior - Stephen F. Ledoux

What Causes Human Behavior

What Causes Human Behavior

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What experts are saying about What Causes Human Behavior: Stephen Ledoux's book, is a strong non-compromising, theoretical and philosophical argument that the answers come from behaviorology, the natural science of behavior, that the answers do not come from astrology, theology, etc., or from psychology, the mentalistic unnatural science of the mind. And he supports his argument with examples of effective, science-based applications of applied behaviorology (applied behavior analysis) and with analyses of human behavior in everyday life, going from simple behaviors, to complex verbal behavior, with suggestions that behaviorology is crucial to the solutions of the world problems of overpopulation, sustainability, and global warming. But also, he's not afraid to make these complex topics more readable by using an occasional contraction, an informed expression, and even a little humor, i.e. he's way cool. Richard Malott, Ph.D. (Professor, Western Michigan University) Professor Ledoux has written a primer on a newly emerging discipline: behaviorology. It is the natural science of environment-behavior relations and an intellectually challenging subject, one that variously intersects with astrology, psychology, philosophy, education, and physiology plus other biological and behavioral sciences. Ledoux's discussion of explanatory fictions and a variety of other explanatory fallacies alone, however, is worth the price of admission. And there is so much more! John Stone Ph.D. (Professor, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, and President, Education Consumers Foundation at www.education-consumers.org)
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Wydawca: BehaveTech Publishing
Data wydania: 2017-09-27
ISBN: 9781617812125

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