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Playbook: Learn to Play Harmonica

Playbook: Learn to Play Harmonica

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Master your new instrument with Playbook: Learn To Play Harmonica - the ideal partner for any fledgling Harmonica player! Whether you are learning from scratch or just want a quick reference guide, this book will be your bible. This well-structured guide covers all the basic techniques you'll need to get started - from holding the instrument and learning to breathe correctly, to keeping the beat and bending. As the guide progresses more and more techniques are revealed such as trill, wah and tremolo, chords and the blues scale, with fun tunes to play that exhibit these. Furthermore, there is a useful glossary and recommended listening to inspire you to play like the pros. Don’t quit, don’t delay; get the Playbook and make your harmonica wail like Bob Dylan or Little Walter.
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Wydawca: Music Sales
Data wydania: 2014-11-05
ISBN: 9781787590229

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