Discover Meditation & Mindfulness - Tara Ward

Discover Meditation & Mindfulness

Discover Meditation & Mindfulness

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Transcend the mundane and tap into life's joys with this insightful book. Packed with stimulating and mind-expanding exercises, this book will provide practical advice to help shape your daily life for the better.

These include:
• Mini meditations for the morning
• Suggested mantras, yantras and scents for deep meditation
• Forging a link with your spiritual guide
• How to read auras and work with your chakras
• Clearing trouble spots in your meditation path
• Reading your dreams and using a dream diary

By the end of Discover Meditation & Mindfulness, you should be able to accept and enjoy every single moment of the life you have, to acknowledge and appreciate everything that is working well for you, and to turn negative, frustrating scenarios into positive, encouraging ones.

Your path in life is yours alone, and Discover Meditation & Mindfulness will help you to tread it with confidence and joy.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Religia i duchowość Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Arcturus
Data wydania: 2017-07-11
ISBN: 9781788284554

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